Dr. Jaimie Torromeo

I’m pleased to announce that starting December 4, 2017, I will be returning to Advance Wellness Center as a new partner. This latest venture is consistent with my goal of operating my own practice in the near future. With a fully staffed team of talented individuals, along with the experience and mentorship of Dr. Mark and Dr. Shur, we look forward to an amazing 2018.


Dr. Torromeo

Dr. Jaimie Torromeo is passionate about chiropractic care. “I believe you can restore your health no matter how old or sick you feel so you can continue to do all the things in life you want to for as long as you want to!”

A Long Beach native, Dr. Jaimie has played competitive volleyball from fifth grade all the way through her days at Pepperdine University and playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks. The physical demands of competitive sports has given her a exceptional understanding of the healing properties the body has once the spine is restored to its intended position. Her goal is to assist the body to function optimally by improving overall health, spinal alignment and rehabilitation in sports and chronic injuries.

Dr. Jaimie uses Diversified Technique and manual muscle treatments to help patients of all ages! She treats patients during and after pregnancy, newborn babies, people well into their 90’s, and everyone in between!

She is very active in the sports community and continues to train with Crossfit and Marathons. In 2015 she won a regional Crossfit competition beating out women in her age group in her area.

  • Diversified Technique – MRT (Myofascial Release) – Trigger Point Therapy – PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation Technique)
  • Bachelor of Science Long Beach State University
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Southern California University of Health Sciences

Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark deDubovay was born and educated in Los Angeles. As director of the Advanced Wellness Center he enjoys providing the best of alternative medicine to the community. Wishing to enhance communication with his patients, he asks to be called Dr. Mark.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and in 1995, his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angles. Dr. Mark is a former member of the faculty and currently serves as a supervising doctor for chiropractic interns. He is a past director of the Long Beach Area Chiropractic Society.

Dr. Mark was invited to practice at the prestigious STATIC Clinic in Bologna, Italy. The clinic specializes in pain treatment and disorders of the spine. Its staff includes the best chiropractors from America who work alongside an international group of medical orthopedists and physical therapists. He worked at the clinic for three years before joining a private practice in Paris, France where the focus was on combining chiropractic with progressive holistic medicine. Dr. Mark’s international experience greatly broadened his knowledge of other chiropractic techniques and holistic medicine. And to this day, he continues to speak Italian.

With a firm commitment to education and research, Dr. Mark is able to offer his patients the latest in alternative medicine. This pursuit of education led to his certification by the American Naturopathic Certification Board as a Traditional Naturopath. His research also lead him to become an expert in the exciting field of cold laser therapy. Dr. Mark holds the distinction of being appointed by the FDA as a primary investigator in a research study on the benefits of cold laser therapy for osteoarthritis of the hand.

Pursuing a holistic approach to his patients, Dr. Mark offers preventative health measures, as well as treatments of chronic conditions. With children and the elderly in mind, he has developed safe and progressive techniques combining very gentle chiropractic and a broad range of natural healing solutions using naturopathic approaches. His goals are to support each patient uniquely while uncovering any and all underlying causes that may compromise health or create pain. He then utilizes the diverse resources of the Center and the broadest range of proven natural treatments to provide each patient with the most effective care and empower them to a life of greater health, happiness, and balance.